So what exactly is African hair braiding? African hair braiding, or Senegalese twists as it is sometimes called, is a unique style where braids of varying lengths are interwoven together. Braiding was used in the past for social purposes but today many use it as a way to express themselves and make their own style statement. If you want to learn more about this popular braiding style, continue reading.

Most of the African countries used to weave weaves or braids from different types of natural fibers. The best source of fiber is Cashmere, a luxurious fabric that is very soft and silky. The weave is very tight, yet very loose. The price varies depending on the size and the number of twists per square inch. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to African hair braids, then check out some of the affordable online vendors that offer a large assortment of African hair braids.

African hair braiding is typically completed with either a one-strand or multi-strand weave. One-strand is usually completed with one color, but it can be finished with several colors if you like. Multi-strand is completed with several colors and this style is usually quite demanding. There are numerous African American women who have long hair and they often prefer to braid it in multiple strands to enhance their look. Check out the following African American braided hairstyles and find out which one will look great on you:

Long Thick African Hair Braids This style is easy to do at home and there are various African American hairstylists who can help you to achieve the look. You will need a lot of hair to start African hair braiding and after you have braided your long hair, you should trim the ends to achieve a smooth and sexy look. There are many hairstylists in the African community who are experts in African hair braiding and they can easily do the job for you.

Another popular African hair braiding style is the Afroturf braid. This is also easy to do at an African hair braiding salon. These braids look very good on black women and there is no uniformity in the pattern. You can let the imagination take over when you come up with the pattern of your braids. You can even combine different African patterns to make a unique style.

Afroturf box braids are another exciting option. Box braids originated from Africa and they look really cute and chic. You can add different hair strands or you can use just one or two strands depending on how you want your afroturf box braids to look. The beauty of these braids is that they are simple yet very attractive. This is the perfect type of African hair braiding style that you can do at home. There are various African hair braids stores online where you can find great styles.

Weaves are another popular African hair braiding style that you can try out at home. They are simple enough to do at your own home. You can choose between the single weave, multiple weaves, or weaves. The weaves are more durable and they provide a better style than the other African hair braiding styles. With the help of African hair, braider weaves you will be able to create amazing twists and braids that will surely turn heads.